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Godly Mr. Donut and his holey confectionary

I'm driving down the road on me motie, wind in the hair, fake ray ban av's shining, fisherman pants flying, singing 'It happened in Monterery' as loud as i can with my girl on the back (ok so its not a motie its a scooter and she's not my girl yet but give it time). I have rented a distinctly fushcia coloured scooter from down at the beach and its the best thing ever. There was a lengthy discussion concerning the colour of said moped but i tink we all agreed that it was NOT pink eventually.

Anyway I did a test drive to school and the roads are really quiet. Robbie T rented himself a snazzy lime green vehicle and we make a pretty mean gang cruising the streets on those bad boys. We shuttle everyone to dinner just because we can and hit up a nice red curry. I have finally convinced Alice to ride the scooter to school when another girl, Katherine, has an ill-fated attempt to ride rob's beast of a lime moped. Unfortunately it bucked her off and she came off a little worse for wear. At least we got to play Wambulance and spin more stories about how many lives we have saved on Manly beach haaaaa.

I needed to get some cash out so we decided to scooter to the only ATM in the area. It's a pretty wicked night ride just cruising the open roads real slow and the moon lights everything up silver. We cross a bridge and the little town is completely deserted. It looks a lot like an old strip from a western and i'm half expecting a Thai bandit to jump out of a creaky bar door with a six shooter but it stays quiet. I load my saddle bags with gold, whoopee and ride out of town firing my shooter in the air as the green light of the atm casts and etheral glow over the dark town.

The next day we drove to school and the kids thought it was hilarious. Our teaching keeps improving and i'm really enjoying it. We spend the rest of the day 'planning lessons' in the hammock. It's sadly Ruth and Rachaels last night and the plan is to head into Chumphon town for some dinner and a little boogie-sesh. Good old pyramids gets the Sangsom rum flowing and its cab time before we knot it. We eat at a nie little Thai place with live music and devour a couple more bottles of rum. Its about time to dance or go to sleep so we head to the only club in town which is called 'PAPA 2000' (best name ever?). Its interesting to see how the cool kids in Chumphon kick it but its not really my scene. We head back to the house and decide that an UNO slumber party is in order. We fill a room with mattresses and play about two hands of UNO before we all pass out. Me and old mate decide to have our own slumber party and retire elsewhere. Happy days.

The next night we sadly say goodbye to R&R and prepare for a new load of volunteers. To battle our blues we plan some retail therapy and in the morning head to the mall in Chumphon. We found an arcade and me and rob spent a good amount of time killing terrorists and zombies to the amusement of a growing crowd of Thai kids. Alice and Katherine spent most of their money and time button bashing on street fighter, only to reailse later that they had been watching a demo the whole time. Having been technologically sated we turned to feeding the sugar monster.

I had a craving for a plain old donut so we went on a quest. We walked those wild Thai streets in contained hope until, joy of joys, we stumbled upon the fabled Mr. Donut, who bestowed upon us weary travellers all manner of holey confectionary. Mr Donut is like Krispy Kreme but each donut costs about 50 cents. After laughing at descriptive donut names like 'holething' me and rob proceeded to sample every donut that old Mr.D had. Robbie, the chocolate 'pon de ring' is still the pinnacle of the noble art of doughnuttery.

On the way back we bought an 'extreme sailboat surfer' which is a little dude on a windsurfer with a little battery powered engine. We later borrowed someones good duracell batteries (hard to come by where we were staying) and let Trav, as we had named him, loose in the ocean. We watched him go out to sea, hopeful that one day he would return, or maybe wash up in another country. Once he was out of sight we realised that they were not our batteries. Oh dear. No torch for Kat.

The afternoon of the mutinous sailboat surfer we went to a monkey temple. I was intially dissapointed that it wasn't like the one in the jungle book with king Louie but got over it once we got to feed the rabid little fellas. The monkeys are amazingly dextrous. I had a whole bunch of food in one hand and when i turned the other way one of the cheeky bastards took the whole bunch right out of my hand. King Louie doesn't snatch..

The night after Hanuman mugged me (Hanuman is the Thai monkey god) the new volunteers arrived. A real character called Liz had got back from a visa run to Burma involving near death boat rides in storms and all sorts of ridiculousness that Burma is sadly famous for and we were in the middle of a raucous game of pyramids. I had taught everyone a little too well and we were all playing like scoundresls, cheating any chance we got. I decided to sit out after a big bluff at the top of the pyramid failed (which is really unlucky because i NEVER bluff in pyramids right? (anyone remember 48 at sunset?)). The poor new volunteers walked in, bone tired, ready to sleep just as we were bouncing of the walls. We got everyone down to the bar and had a good old time. At one point early in the night Rob tried to go home. I asked two of the new girls to convince him to stay. I was back to 'planning lessons' in the hammock when, about 20 minutes later, Rob ran past me, shirtless, yelling 'Let's go swimming!!!' followed by at least 4 or 5 girls. So much for that early bedtime bobby.

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